Why Gardening is good for Weight Loss

Why Gardening is good for Weight Loss
Our work habits and lifestyle determine how many calories we need and influence to a certain extent how much our bodies actually store. Maintaining a healthy body weight has therefore become a matter of great concern, especially for those who live sedentary lives. Many people use dieting, medication, and other special weight loss programs in their efforts to lose excess weight, but only a few have discovered gardening as an effective means of weight loss treatment. Of all the techniques of weight management, gardening is the one that can balance a sedentary lifestyle and bring other benefits besides weight loss.

Gardening enables you to work with nearly all the muscles of the body including the abdomen, legs, shoulders, arms, neck, and buttocks in a way that builds strength and burns calories. Besides muscle exertion, it involves stretching and resistance training with little stress on the body as compared to jogging, aerobics and other forms of exercise. As a gardener, you reach out for tall branches or weeds, you bend when extending a rake or planting, you push wheelbarrows, lift manure and mulch, and pluck when harvesting and all these lead to healthy bones and joints.
Gardening activities can be quite fascinating to the calorie-conscious among us. Spending an hour mowing a lawn will burn nearly the same amount of calories as jogging for four miles. This makes gardening more appealing as a method of weight loss treatment than weekly gym sessions. Even simple tasks like picking a few beans, watering a nursery bed, or just opening and closing the greenhouse door actually put the body through some movements that involve stretching and resistance exercises without you realizing it. It makes weight management more natural as you do your farm-work as a hobby or business.
Unlike other types of weight loss treatment, gardening is a source of fresh and healthy produce that form part of the required diet. It also eases stress and works well in mood improvement at no additional monetary cost above that of farm tools. As a daily routine, you can spend up to three hours in the garden while the growth and performance of your crops give the motivation you need to keep you going. Your attention is more drawn to the farm than to your body, making weight loss an issue of no worry or concern yet practically happening.
Gardening often occurs in a natural environment and a relaxed atmosphere that makes one’s attention both involuntary and effortless, making the exercise enjoyable. The tasks involved are repetitive and soothing as they follow in a natural order. For instance, you have to clear the weeds before you begin digging and you only transplant after watering. With one task calling for another, you have to complete a set of exercises before closing the day and this may take up to a few hours of workouts. In all these tasks, you interact with the blowing breeze, the sounds, the scents, smell, and the dew in the field that cause you not to think about weight loss.